Dutch enterprise, worldly enjoyment

The Dutch entrepreneurial spirit has taken Westland cheese brands a long way. Westland has been a renowned name on the global cheese market for 85 years. We aim for continuous innovation that can inspire people. Together with our partners we have managed to persuade people all over the world to enjoy Westland cheeses. 

Significant innovation

Old Amsterdam, Maaslander, Westlite and Trenta are Westland’s top brands. These brands are strong due to significant innovations in ingredients and flavour as well as packaging and presentation. Using our expertise relating to cheese and cheese markets, we ensure that our brands meet consumer demands for products that are healthy, unexpected and diverse.


Old Amsterdam - it’s what Dreaming Big tastes of

1.1.1 1.1.1.Jongetje Cropped

We, veteran cheesemakers Westland Kaas, proudly present our new commercial for Old Amsterdam gouda: ‘it’s what Dreaming Big tastes of’

In this commercial, we take you on a historical journey to show you how Old Amsterdam was created. We follow the young Westland descendant as he follows his dream to find the taste that he once savoured as a small boy at the Noordermarkt market in Amsterdam. Ultimately, this valiant and free-thinking quest led him to the award-winning and unique taste that is Old Amsterdam gouda: full-bodied yet smooth. And this is precisely how we have been making it for generations now.

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