Westland Cheese

Westland Cheese has been a renowned name on the global cheese market for 85 years. Our Dutch entrepreneurial spirit has brought the brands Old Amsterdam, Maaslander, Westlite and Trenta a long way. With our expertise relating to cheese and cheese markets we know exactly how to respond to consumer demands for healthy, unexpected and innovative products. Together with our partners we have managed to persuade people all over the world to enjoy Westland cheeses. 

Maaslander, Old Amsterdam

Strong family business

Familie Westland

Westland is a family business. With our passion for cheese, bold approach and perseverance, we are continuously seeking significant product innovations and business innovations with a view to strengthening our brands and our family business. The Netherlands 2014 Family Business Award describes our business as an authentic and innovative family business operating on the basis of a healthy Dutch entrepreneurial spirit.

Westland Family Trust

"Sometimes you have to just do it"

The Westland Family Trust puts social responsibility into practice in a number of different ways. We support small-scale cultural and social goals on a local and on a regional level by allocating our time as well as financial resources. Several times a year all Westland employees and family members devote time to social institutions by organising tangible activities with or for these groups of people.

Sustainability is a joint effort

Westland selects all its chain partners on the basis of sustainability, in terms of products, packaging and logistics. Internal sustainability is concretised in all kinds of different ways. Westland Cheese is a member of MVO Nederland, a Dutch organisation that promotes corporate social responsibility.

  • History of innovation

    Westland has a history of significant innovation. Ever since the early days of the business we have preferred to depart from the beaten track in order to discover what inspires people. We are always seeking opportunities for change and improvement. Our history inspires us to move forward together every day and to continue to surprise. 

  • 2017

    Joint Venture Those Vegan Cowboys.jpg

    The three Old Amsterdam Cheese Stores in Amsterdam belong to the Westland Holding. 

  • 2015

    2015 - veldhuyzen.png

    Family businesses Westland Kaas and Veldhuyzen Kaas are collaborating on logistics exports and international distribution.

  • 2014

    2014 - Mark Rutte reikt Familiebedrijven Award uit aan Westland Kaas

    Westland wins the 2014 Family Business Award in The Netherlands.

  • 2014

    2013 - Westland wint de RTL TV Succes Award

    Westland wins the RTL TV Success Award for Hollands most successful enterprise of 2013.

  • 2012

    2012 - Eerste vrouwelijke CEO Westland Kaas, Henny Westland

    Appointment of the first female CEO of the Westland Cheese Group, Henny Westland (3rd generation family member).

  • 2011

    2011 - de envelopverpakking van Maaslander bespaart 65% plastic en is gemakkelijk te openen

    Packaging innovation: the Maaslander envelope pack uses 65% less plastic and is easy to open.

  • 2010

    2010 - Maaslander KeepKantjes, de makkelijk afpelbare kaaskorst

    User-friendly innovation: Maaslander KeepKantjes, rind that peels off easily.

  • 1999

    1999 - Maaslander Kaasschnitzels, geschikt voor vegetariërs

    Product innovation: Maaslander Cheese Schnitzels, suitable for vegetarians.

  • 1998

    1998 - CheesePartners Holland

    Westland incorporates all non-branded cheeses in CheesePartners Holland.

  • 1997

    1997 - Hersluitbare verpakking van Maaslander

    Packaging innovation: the resealable Maaslander pack.

  • 1989

    1989 - Trenta voor vegetariërs

    Product innovations: Trenta for vegetarians, and Litedammer, a light, low-fat Swiss-style cheese. 

  • 1988

    1988 - Maaslander voorgesneden borrelblokjes

    Maaslander novelty: the introduction of pre-cut cheese cubes. 

  • 1987

    1987 - Westlite, de eerste jonge Goudse 30+ kaas

    Product innovation: Westlite, the first young Gouda 30+ cheese, introduced in the Netherlands and Germany.

  • 1985

    1985 - Old Amsterdam

    Product innovation: Old Amsterdam, delicious fully mature cheese that is easy to slice, made according to a traditional recipe.

  • 1985

    1985 - Eerste tv-campagne Maaslander

    First television advertisement for Maaslander.

  • 1978

    1978 - Maaslander belegen

    Introduction of Maaslander mature, the cheese with red and yellow stripes on the rind.

  • 1975

    1975 - Maaslander jong belegen

    Product innovation: Maaslander semi-mature, with 25% less salt than standard Gouda cheese. Maaslander has green and yellow striped rind. 

  • 1972

    1972 - Westberg

    Marketing innovation: introduction of Westland’s first own brand. Westberg is a Swiss-style cheese with a sweet, nutty flavour. 

  • 1963

    1978 - Maaslander belegen

    Packaging innovation: Westland is the first producer in the Netherlands to introduce prepacked cheese. 

  • 1949

    1949 - Westland kaasexport

    The start of Westland cheese exports. Germany is the first export country, followed by Belgium in 1960. 

  • 1936

    1936 - Gebroeders Westland

    Father and five brothers from the Westland family establish the Westland Cheese Firm, domiciled in Huizen, the Neterlands.

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