Our Brands

Westland Cheese has its own leading brands of the most popular types of cheese. Old Amsterdam, Westland’s fully mature cheese, has been a global success for many years. Maaslander, a creamy cheese, is a leading brand in the Netherlands. Westlite is a low-fat Gouda cheese, and Trenta is aimed at the vegetarian segment.

Westland Kaas wereldwijde export

Our international brands

Besides these leading brands, we also have a wide range of cheeses for the global export. For this we work with partners all over the world in order to produce cheeses that perfectly suit local consumer preferences.

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Old Amsterdam

Full of character

Old Amsterdam is a premium aged cheese with a character all of its own. The rich, irresistible taste of Old Amsterdam is the result of a unique, authentic family recipe and tireless passion for cheese. Old Amsterdam is a  very accessible cheese, because it is less salty, less dry and less crumbly than other aged cheeses. The brand wins numerous awards each year, and is available to consumers worldwide in over 60 countries. Old Amsterdam: Full of Character.


Incredibly soft and creamy

The soft, creamy flavour of Maaslander is quite unique and has earned the company several Superior Taste Awards. The Maaslander brand name stands for fresh, high-quality Gouda cheeses for everyday consumption. The range includes young, semi-mature and mature cheeses in both low-fat and full-fat varieties, available in one piece or in slices or cubes.

Discover for yourself the irresistible soft, creamy flavour and start your day with Maaslander!


Westlite is pure pleasure

Westlite is a delicious creamy cheese, developed especially for people who lead a healthy, active life. The cheese is made from low-fat milk and contains 40% less fat than other Gouda cheeses. Westlite has a full creamy flavour and is the ideal choice for those who want a healthy lifestyle as well as good food.

Westlite Cheese comes in four different flavours: Young, Mature, Tuscany Herb and Nettle. 


Healthy and delicious

Trenta is a tasty product for people who want to lead a healthy life and who watch their cholesterol intake. Trenta has a high percentage of unsaturated fat due to the fact that 75% of the animal fat has been replaced with vegetable oil. Trenta is suitable for vegetarians, has a low lactose content and contains no artificial additives.

Trenta tastes good in a sandwich, in a salad or as a main meal ingredient. It is nutritious and full of flavour. Trenta is an excellent choice for a healthy lifestyle. 


Good for your cholesterol

Kees is a variant of cheese with a special recipe and made from skimmed cow’s milk. The process is comparable to that of making Gouda cheese. Only with ‘Kees’ the dairy fats have been replaced by vegetable oils that are rich in unsaturated fatty acids. This makes ‘Kees’ a variant of cheese that is partly vegetable, contains 50% less saturated fats and is therefore good for your cholesterol.