Entrepreneurs wanted

Westland is an ideal employer for enterprising people who would like to move forward with us. Our company thrives on trust, respect and pleasure. This benefits our cheese brands, our employers and our business.

Why not contact us to discuss possible opportunities in fields such as sales, marketing, innovation or one of our other disciplines?


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Entrepreneurship to us is putting things in motion in and around our company with a good dose of energy. Always looking for opportunities to improve results. Dare, think and do, with healthy self-reflection, belong together.


We work daily with the epitome of Dutch prosperity: cheese. Cheese lovers worldwide know where to find us to enjoy our cheeses. In turn, we enjoy the trade, the game of seduction, surprise, attract and retain.


Integrity and honesty are the hallmarks of our renewal. We are looking for innovation that is meaningful and original. Thus, we make a difference. It is a form of innovation that comes from authenticity.


Conceiving gives one the ability to convince people of your insights and ideas. Compelling, enthusiastic and professional, so that we progress together.