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Collaboration Westland Kaas and Veldhuyzen Kaas

15 January 2015


CEO Henny Westland on the partnership: “We at Westland want to focus even more on our core business: brand cheese development, marketing and sales. Our brands are now represented worldwide in tens of countries. To achieve international growth in the future as well, export specialist Veldhuyzen will distribute Old Amsterdam and our other cheeses in many countries. Over the course of the past decades, Veldhuyzen has built an excellent reputation.”


Dick Veldhuijzen, CEO of Veldhuyzen Kaas: “We are proud to be exporting Old Amsterdam and other Westland cheeses in addition to our product range of Dutch cheese specialities. Our extensive international network enables us to do so with great efficiency. We believe that making use of one another’s strengths will strengthen both of our international market positions.”


For several countries, Westland will continue to do the marketing and sales for brand cheeses for customers and consumers.


The collaboration will bring together more than 200 years of family business experience in cheese. Westland was founded in 1936; Veldhuyzen Kaas was founded in 1884. In 2014, Westland won the Familiebedrijven Award (Family Business Award) for best family business in the Netherlands.


About Westland

For nearly 80 years, Westland Kaas Groep has been a household name in the global cheese market. Over the course of many years, the family business has developed and expanded on brands such as Old Amsterdam, Maaslander, Westlite, Litedammer, Trenta and Zikko with a Dutch spirit of commerce. With expertise in cheese and the cheese market, Westland always meets consumer needs: healthy products to enjoy, with refreshing perspectives and innovation.


About Veldhuyzen Kaas

Veldhuyzen Kaas B.V. is a Dutch cheese wholesale trader. It exports and sells a complete range of Dutch cheese specialities including Basiron herb cheese, Hommage goat’s milk cheese and Veldhuyzen Premium Quality to over 50 countries worldwide. The family business has been a reliable partner in cheese for 130 years, and is known as an innovative, flexible supplier with high quality and service.

Collaboration Westland Kaas and Veldhuyzen Kaas