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Old Amsterdam introduces a new product for the evening meal: Tasty Grill

30 June 2023

Tasty Grill has a creamy inside and a crispy grill edge on the outside.

The new cheese product is not to be confused with a cheese soufflé or cheese schnitzel, which are products with a breading layer, but it really is a new meal option for cheese lovers. Tasty Grill has a firm structure for a good bite and can be used in various ways. The versatile cheese burger is very suitable for a vegetarian meal, for example as a burger on a bun with grilled vegetables or cut into strips in a fresh salad. Also handy and delicious: Tasty Grill does not melt during preparation and is therefore delicious for the BBQ! In addition to Tasty Grill Original, there is also a version with Sweet Chili, especially for lovers of a spicier taste sensation.

Tonight we eat Old Amsterdam

“With Tasty Grill, Old Amsterdam wants to inspire bon vivants who like to add more variety and vegetarian options to their evening meal,” says Diana van der Meulen, Marketing & Innovation lead of Westland Kaas. “Because more and more people are opting for a flexitarian diet, we see that cooking with cheese is a growing trend. For example, baking cheeses for evening dishes, such as halloumi, are becoming increasingly popular. We also see that meat substitutes with cheese are among the most popular variants. Tasty Grill fits into these trends and offers home cooks a delicious new option. For example, our cheese burger offers a lot of variation in the kitchen, but also on the barbecue, for example. Since the barbecue season has started, we expect our Tasty Grill to be quickly embraced by many Dutch people. ”Old Amsterdam offers various recipes on its website for inspiration for all home cooks who want to try out the new cheese burger. Tasty Grill will be available nationwide in the supermarket shelves of Albert Heijn, Jumbo, Plus, Hoogvliet, Spar, Boon and Poiesz from next week. The package contains two portions and has a retail price of €3.99.



Old Amsterdam introduces a new product for the evening meal: Tasty Grill